Northern Uganda Self Sufficiency Project (NUSSP)


Who we are

The Northern Uganda Self-Sufficiency Project, situated in Acholinyek village, Omoro District, District has a dual registration with the District as a community based organization and also with the Uganda government registration Bureau. It was founded in March 2019.

It is an effort to foster self-sustainability in the community of Northern Uganda by implementing a series of self- sufficiency projects.

When Father Simon Menya visited Guatemala in May 2017 with an Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) seminarian teaching team, his life and vision for his ministry to churches in his home country of Uganda changed forever.

Fr. Simon saw many similarities between Guatemala and Uganda. The climate, agricultural methods, poverty, life experience and struggles of the local Churches shaped his vision for the Northern Uganda Self-Sufficiency Project Ltd.

His plan is to help foster self-sustainability in the community by implementing a variety of meaningful initiatives under programs such as Education, Health, Agribusiness and Small businesses.


A community that prioritizes education and health, advances agribusiness, food security, and livelihoods, assists vulnerable families, preserves environment and cultural values


To support vulnerable communities to access education, break the vicious cycle of poverty, promote healthy living, foster socio-economic development through community-led agribusiness, food security and livelihoods project implementation, and offer holistic and systemic self-sufficiency solutions

Our Approaches and Strategies:

  • To approach community development through a holistic lens.
  • To approach human development through support for education, training, psychosocial services, and personal development.
  • To see community development through a human development lens and the transformatio of adverse conditions.
  • To see counselling as an essential family, community, and societal need.
  • To see environmental and ecosystem restoration, maintenance, and management as essential to community development.
  • To see practical entrepreneurship education and training as fundamental to building successful lives, family and community prosperity, and national development.
  • To see the full education of all children and youth as an essential family, community, and societal need.
  • To serve as role models and mentors to children and youth in organizational projects to benefit and engage women, children, and youth.


Our History - The Civil War

Northern Uganda was ravaged by civil war for over 20 years. During the years of conflict, infrastructure was destroyed and churches deteriorated. Children were abducted, forced into slavery, brainwashed and trained as soldiers to fight and kill. Many young girls were raped.The area finally experienced peace in 2008 with the signing of a peace agreement.

Peace Agreement - 2008

People are now resettling into their homes, but they are restarting life from scratch as the region struggles to recover from the war. It is difficult for people to provide for their own families, so they have little means to send their children to school and support themselves.
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Our Administration

Northern Uganda Self-Sufficiency Project Ltd will operate as an independent legal entity. The purpose of this organization is to put members of the community directly to work so that they can own what they helped create.

Northern Uganda Self-Sufficiency Project Ltd is an independent, non-profit making body. The project will be non-partisan, non-governmental, non-political, and non-tribalistic. The administration of this Self-Sufficiency Project Ltd shall therefore be vested in and exercised by the Executive Director and Advisory Board.

“The Big Dreams and the Unfinished Business”

  • Land for expansion, scale-up, and future projects since we have our tractor now.
  • Capacity building.
  • Capital Grants and Project Grants.
  • Establishing an Education Facility to include a Nursery, Primary, Secondary, and Community Vocational Schools, events, research, and community-centred project activities. The centre will serve as a resource centre for youth and community groups.
  • Expansion of medical services to include among others; cervical cancer screening, immunization and vaccination of children, inpatient, and specialized treatment.
  • High-quality seeds.
  • Increased workers.
  • Irrigation plant.
  • Long-term development partners.
  • Oxen and ox-plough when tractor is not viable.
  • Post-harvest handling.
  • Specialized medical equipment, kits, and accessories.
  • Project land for livelihoods and food security, scale-up, and roll-out.
  • Enlargement and replication of program.
  • Silos and grinding machines to store produce from farm and prepare feeds for pigs.



We continue to sponsor students paying all school fees, school requirements, and related education costs.


We have set up a clinic to treat patients and water wells to provide easy access to clean water in the community.


Small scale farmers are doing piggery and growing different crops for consumption and sale to improve their livelihood

Small Business

We provide start up capital to women to start their village saving schemes that help them to start their own individual businesses to support their families.