Northern Uganda Self Sufficiency Project (NUSSP)


The make-shift classroom

K1 & K2 started under our Mango tree! 


K1 & K2 started under our Mango tree! 

St. Catherine, our new school

St. Catherine Nursery and Primary School started on 5th February 2024 with 38 learners. This school is located 33km from the town in a remote village with no better access road.
K1 & K2 started under our Mango tree!  We are also preparing children for primary school to start next semester. These are 7-9 year old children who never entered any class in their lives and can’t go back to start from Kindergarten section. We hired two qualified teachers, but will need two more teachers for next semester. These learners sit on the mats and write on their laps. Those who don’t have writing materials write on the ground.

We have developed a proposal for building classrooms for the kindergarten and administration block—we will share this with you soon. There has been overwhelming support for the start of the school by the community and people in the community have…

Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sponsorhips

We continue to sponsor students paying all school fees, school requirements, and related education costs

  • Our education program transitions vulnerable children and youths to community-minded change agents and qualified professionals through long-term holistic educational sponsorships.
  • Our beneficiaries are selected through a rigorous, transparent, selection criterion that includes among others; high vulnerability, orphans, head of household, disability.
  • The program provides school fees, school requirements, and all associated costs of education together with mentorship, guidance, counselling, life skills, and career guidance, collaborating with students’ families, and addresses health care issues.
  • Throughout Uganda, school costs are seen as prohibitive for many youths, deferring society’s overall advancement, perpetuating poverty syndromes, and laying the ground for future conflicts.
The program is community-development oriented and prepares our sponsored students for productive, purposeful lives in their communities and nearby and similar communities where they contribute their professional services, serve as role models, and contribute to community and district development. The program is helping to prepare future generations of professionals.
We project that each sponsored student will over time support at least 10 family members and others in school, and will contribute to community and district development, making support of this program a lasting gift with many positive multiplier effects.

We are affiliated to the following schools in this regard

  • Motherludia Nursery and Primary School
  • Vision of Hope Nursery and Primary School,
  • St. Kizito Primary School,
  • Good Will Nursery and Primary School
  • Acholinyek Community Primary School,
  • Idure Primary School,
  • Laminadera Primary School
  • God’s Way Junior School
  • Paveway Primary School
  • Mama Julia Nursery and Primary School
  • Pece Prison Primary School
  • Cubu Primary School
  • Mama DESPINA
  • Nursery and Primary School
  • Koro Senior Secondary School
  • Archbishop Flynn Secondary School
  • Lira Greenhill Secondary School
  • Dara Christian High School
  • Daniel Comboni Vocational Institute
  • Northern Institute of Business Studies