Northern Uganda Self Sufficiency Project (NUSSP)


Joining Hands

Lift Up Uganda Inc. was founded in 2015 with the goal of helping people of northern Uganda through improving EDUCATION and HEALTH CARE.

Their help has been innumerably valuable to our community and they have been wonderful friend to our organization and to the people of Northern Uganda.

“The perseverance of the people of Northern Uganda through suffering connects well with Thrive Life Skills, whose vision is to come alongside those who desire to move forward on the journey of healing.

Susan Habegger, founder and director of Thrive, provides teaching and written materials that are biblically based, cross-cultural, and effective. Thrive has enjoyed a productive teaching and advisory relationship with NUSSP and its leadership.

From spiritual teaching to business guidance to creative assistance, Thrive and NUSSP work well together for the benefit of the people of Northern Uganda.

The Loukoumi Make a Difference Foundation


When Fr. Simon visited America in 2023, he met with Nick Katsoris who is the founder/President/ Executive Director and other Board members like Cynthia Herzegovitch, Constance. Mavrovitis. They learned about how the NUSSP works  with children in Uganda to make a difference and this is how NUSSP became a partner with The Loukoumi Make a Difference Foundation. 
In the last few months when Fr. returned to Uganda, he has organised a school that participated in several  LOUKOUMI GOOD DEED OF THE MONTH ZOOMS. Students in Uganda have had the opportunities to interact with other students around the world as they share what they do to make a difference in their areas like protecting the environment by planting trees, collecting garbage, cleaning and protecting drinking water sources etc. Learn more about The Loukoumi good Deed council here