Northern Uganda Self Sufficiency Project (NUSSP)


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Please we really appreciates and sincerely thank you so much for your consideration to support NUSSP works in Northern Uganda in any way you can. This can be through your prayers, financially or materially to help our programs that strive toward making people becoming self sufficient. Self Sufficiency work will teach everyone and most the newer generations who were born in the internally war camps during the insurgencies to work harder and support themselves to stand on their own and not be dependents.
If you prefer to give via check we have partnered with our friends in the US: Lift Up Uganda, Inc.
You can consider making your donation monthly or one time through PayPal. Monthly donations helps us to plan on what we get at the end of the year to take on a specific project.
Click the below link to donate to the project through PayPal

Click the below link to donate through PayPal


Please make sure to indicate in the memo “Fr. Simon’s community”, or “NUSSP”.

Lift Up Uganda, Inc is a non-profit fully registered in the United States of America. NUSSP has partnered with Lift Up to receive financial aid on our behalf from overseas donors. They then make remittances to our NUSSP Bank accounts.

To learn more about Lift Up Uganda, contact Sue Nelson who is the president at:……….

Lift Up Uganda, Inc.
950 10th Street
Berthoud, CO USA 80513-1106
Your contribution may be tax deductible.

To learn more about Lift Up Uganda a 501 c3 go to or contact Sue Nelson at: (970) 391-2690