Northern Uganda Self Sufficiency Project (NUSSP)

St. Catherine Nursery and Primary School

Our school opens to its first pupils.

St. Catherine Nursery and Primary School started on 5th February 2024 with 38 learners. This school is located 33km from the town in a remote village with no better access road.
K1 & K2 started under our Mango tree!  We are also preparing children for primary school to start next semester. These are 7-9 year old children who never entered any class in their lives and can’t go back to start from Kindergarten section. We hired two qualified teachers, but will need two more teachers for next semester. These learners sit on the mats and write on their laps. Those who don’t have writing materials write on the ground.

We have developed a proposal for building classrooms for the kindergarten and administration block—we will share this with you soon. There has been overwhelming support for the start of the school by the community and people in the community have started making bricks to build walls for the classroom as their contribution to the school construction work. The school shall be a day school for K and Primary. The students have breakfast (corn mixed in hot water with sugar as porridge), and lunch (beans and corn floor). Parents will contribute beans and corn from their fields to feed the children. Nicholas who has helped and volunteered for NUSSP after completing his diploma in accounting is once again volunteering for  the school as the accountant and registrar.