Northern Uganda Self Sufficiency Project (NUSSP)

Water Wells

“Water is Life Project- Access to Clean Water and Sanitation”

Why clean water is important to our communities


Most people in rural Uganda still struggle over water daily. Children, women, and youths walk several kilometers to access water. The water sources are shared with domestic and wild animals, children use it as a swimming pool, and women wash clothes in it and still fetch some for domestic consumption hence problems with waterborne diseases.

We have changed some of these stories by drilling and establishing five community boreholes which are helping several households in the villages.

Many People still drink water from the rivers

Local Counsellor 3 Speaks about NUSSP Water Wells

Local Counsellor 1 Speaks about NUSSP Water Wells

Animals drink same water that people also drink

District Local Councillor 5 Speaks about NUSSP Water Wells

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