Northern Uganda Self Sufficiency Project (NUSSP)

Community join hands to welcome Father Simon back from his visit to America

When Father Simon graduated from seminary and returned to Uganda in 2019, he started this community and build it up from nothing. He would visit the community 3 times a week and travel from his house on a dirt, narrow footpath road through deep potholes for 34 km. He established this community that have a strong relationship based on sincere love and trust. Now people work with him and share the love of Christ together with Father Simon. In 2024 when he visited US and returned, he received a very warm welcome by his community where they gathered and presented him with gifts 2 sheep, 2 goats, many chicken, beans, charcoal etc. It was a joyous day filled with happiness, peace and love. He shared with people about his visit to America and told them of the love the people of America has for them and he assured people of God’s love and presence with them at all times. He asked people to work hard for the Church, their families and community so that God can bless that area which was a war zone in the past.¬†¬†Please continue to pray for the people, the growth and success of this community to become self sufficient.